Our Story

Hi.  I’m Ronnie, foam rolling fanatic and lead self-care empowerment coach here at iRestore Fitness.

I teach people to lose weight and get more fit through practical self-care strategies, clean eating recipes, fitness inspiration, yoga instruction, natural remedies and much more.

Why RESTORE Fitness?

It all started with my love of foam rolling.  As a licensed massage therapist, certified personal trainer and restorative exercise specialist, I was passionate about ridding the world of “unnecessary” muscle pain.  Yep!  Muscle Recovery is my superpower.  So, in the summer of 2013 I threw on my yoga pants, twisted up the locs,  grabbed my arsenal of massage tools and taught my first Group Ex Foam Rolling class at my local YMCA. 

A fusion of neuromuscular, yoga, and muscle recovery therapy, this unique “feel good class” grew quickly in popularity as participants experienced relief from pain, increased mobility and performance improvement.  With self-care as it’s core principle, Rollassage, inspired many to take a proactive approach to health and our tribe of ROLLing Rockstars was formed.

RESTORE Fitness has evolved into a healthy living company.  These days I host sold out workshops, provide educational consultation for foam rolling manufacturers, offer self-care and weight lost programs and teach professional continuing education courses.

You can think of us for all things related to meal prepping, yoga, muscle care and natural lifestyle solutions.  We work tirelessly to provide you with innovative education and support to keep you informed, inspired, and empowered to feel your best.  We offer: